Wonders of Mainland Greece: Delphi & Meteora Tour

Stunning landmark sites of Greece and local life in the villages & Meteora monasteries


3 days


Year round, upon request


english, french

Unlike most of Europe, Greece’s traditional and rural culture is still very much alive, particularly in its mountain villages. Discover the awe-inspiring sites of Delphi and Meteora, where you will experience one the most spectacular combination of nature, history and culture in the world!


  • Visit Delphi, ancient Greece’s most sacred site, discover a beautiful abandoned village and watch one of the last tanners and bellmakers of Greece at work.
  • Reach the top of incredible rock formations to admire the great orthodox monasteries of Meteora, perched on soaring rocky promontories.
  • Visit a local icon painter from a family of artists linked for generations to the monasteries there and customize an orthodox icon.
  • Enjoy a Greek writing lesson in old school-turned-museum
  • Lose yourself in the Forest of the White River, a wonderful mountain wilderness area full of natural beauty.
  • Explore the flavors of northern Greece with a fun food tour and wine tasting!

What you can expect

Embark on a journey of discovery through mainland Greece that will take you to the famed archaeological site of Delphi and the world-famous Meteora monasteries -both UNESCO World Heritage sites- but also to roads less traveled, like the Koziakas mountain range and the forest of the White River. Although Greece is inextricably tied to the sea, few people know that it is the mountains that dominate its landscape. With the help of a fun and knowledgeable private guide, during this Delphi & Meteora tour you will discover an unknown side of Greece and learn how these mountains shaped the local folks’ life, culture and traditions.

Day 1: Delphi Tour

After a morning departure from Athens, the ancient past meets the present in this spectacular exploration of the breathtaking site of Delphi, navel of the ancient World and oracle of the Gods. Here, you’ll marvel at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the Athenian Treasury. You’ll have plenty of time to soak in the magical scenery, after which it’ll be time to visit the Delphi Museum, where some of the finest examples of ancient Greek art are on display – including the world-famous bronze statue of the Charioteer of Delphi.

Then you’ ll head to Amfissa, the regional capital of Phocis, where Greece's last hand-made bell-maker will show you how livestock bells have been forged by hand in his family for generations; then you'll stroll through the cobbled streets of the old leather-tanning district. Here, in one of the last remaining tanning workshops in Europe, you’ll see what a tanner’s working life was, almost unchanged from a century ago up to today, and listen to the tanners’ stories – father and son – to understand what life is like today in this part of Greece.

You’ll then enjoy your lunch under the shade of the large plane tree in the town square, where you will taste local delicacies prepared for you by women of the village.

From Amfissa, you’ll then head north across the mainland to continue towards our Meteora tour. A few miles before reaching your destination, you will have dinner in a traditional family-run taverna in the foothills of Mt Koziakas. The food there is delicious, sourced from local farms and gardens, and the tavern itself looks like a setting from a Middle Earth fantasy, featuring a giant tree right in its middle! You will spend the night in a charming family-run guest house in the pretty village of Kastraki, right under the towering rocks of Meteora.

Day 2: Meteora Tour

Meteora is a stunning natural phenomenon, featuring towering sandstone columns, formed millions of years ago, all pointing heavenward. These remote rocky skyscrapers became dwelling-places for Christian Orthodox monks and, by the 14th century, large monastic communities were flourishing on the summits of many of these rocks. Today, six Meteora monasteries are still functioning, two of which you will visit. You’ll also walk and drive around Meteora, to make sure you soak in the sights and the awe-inspiring landscape before enjoying lunch in a nearby Kalambaka.

After lunch, you'll visit a local icon painter from a family of artists linked for generations to the monasteries here. In his tiny workshop you’ll have a chance to learn about his art and try out your skills in customizing an orthodox icon to take back home with you!

Then it's a stop at the small but original Book Museum, where you'll get to try your skills at Greek handwriting and find out about Greek classrooms of the past. The owner is a fascinating personality, a collector of rare books who decided to turn his passion into a private museum!

After the Meteora tour, we'll be heading south, to the little-known Forest of the White River, a wild area of small mountain villages hidden in the depths of a massive forest. You'll spend the night at a mountain lodge in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

Day 3: Greek mountain life tour

The next morning you'll start your day with a swim at a beautiful river, a spot known only to locals. Close by is a charming small monastery rarely visited by tourists, which you will also visit.

Then you'll embark on a Greek food tour to discover the local specialties and flavors of Northern Greece! Greek coffee will be offered at a charming rustic outpost with far-reaching valley views. Here you will also taste Greek yoghurt and traditional ‘spoon sweets’, or fruit preserve, that Mrs Soula, the owner’s mother, makes year-round.

Then it's off to a nearby local winery to taste the area’s best wines, cheeses and cold cuts, before lunch at a local tavern. Here, you'll eat like locals, savoring wild mountain greens, juicy lamb ribs and other local specialties. With this wonderful meal in a village that you won't find in any tourist map or guide, your 3-day Delphi & Meteora Tour will be reaching its end, and satisfied in body and soul, you'll be ready for the ride back to Athens.


Day 1

  • Departure from Athens
  • Guided visit of the archaeological site of Delphi and the treasures of the Delphi museum
  • Visit to Amfissa, a town of olives and craftspeople
  • Visit of bellmaker and tanner workshops
  • Lunch in an old district of Amfissa
  • Dinner at a woodland taverna below Mt Koziakas
  • Overnight in the village of Kastraki in Meteora

Day 2

  • Guided visit of the Meteora monasteries and their surroundings
  • Lunch in the rural town of Kalambaka
  • Visit to a local icon painter and customization of a Greek orthodox icon
  • Visit to the Book Museum and Greek writing lesson
  • Forest of the White River; dinner and overnight at mountain lodge

Day 3

  • Flavors of the North Food Tour in the White River and Meteora region
  • A dip in White River
  • Visit to a beautiful small monastery off the beaten path
  • Coffee with a wonderful valley view and, yoghurt and traditional sweets tasting
  • Wine tasting in a local vineyard
  • Lunch at a village taverna
  • Return to Athens

Practical info

3 days
english, french
Year round, upon request

What's included

  • Top rated licensed guide to escort you (3 full days)
  • Long distance transfers with driver, luxury vehicle, gas, tolls (3 full days)
  • Two accommodations at traditional guest houses on the 4* scale
  • Delphi & Delphi museum guided tour
  • Meteora monasteries guided visit & hike
  • Holy Trinity guided visit
  • Visit to an old traditional village in Amfissa and local craftsmen (tanner, bell-maker)
  • Visit to a painter's workshop & byzantine painting activity
  • Greek language mini-course & exhibition visit
  • Food tour (Greek coffee, yogurt, traditional sweets, wine tasting, local cheeses & cold cuts) 
  • Two traditional meals
  • Two traditional Greek breakfasts
  • Escorting guide’s and driver’s accommodation and expenses.
  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Taxes, 24/7 on-the-ground support, all travel planning and revising.

Not included

  • Entry fees to archaelogical sites
  • Dinner at Mt Koziakas (day 1) & lunch in Kalambaka (day 2)
  • Any food or drinks not mentioned in the tour's inclusions




  • Please note that the itinerary and the activities may change during the winter season, depending on weather conditions.
  • For the Meteora monasteries visit please wear: long trousers (men), long skirt or pareo (women) and tshirt (covered shoulders), as there is a specific dress code for religious reasons

"Amazing Tour! It exceeded my expectations. Our guide Demetra was wonderful and had an amazing knowledge of history, archaeology and culture; she did a great job highlighting things of importance and interest, while not bogging us down with too much detail. Our tour included a number of cultural stops (wine tasting, icon painting, Greek lesson, tanner and bellmaker visits, stops for local sweets and food, etc.) and every stop added to the richness of our trip. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Alternative Athens and Demetra!!"

Elizabeth B, TripAdvisor

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Two unmissable, world-famous landmarks and the opportunity to understand how this spectacular landscape has shaped local life and traditions over the centuries.

Wonders of Mainland Greece: Delphi & Meteora Tour

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