Self-drive trips: your personal adventure

What it is

What is a self-drive trip?

A self-drive trip is a wonderful independent way of traveling, without all the hustle and inconveniences of independent traveling 😊

Based on a specific itinerary, we ‘ll book your car and accommodation in carefully selected guest-houses. Then comes the best part: In addition to what traditional self-drive tours include, we’ll provide you with our top-rated App that works on any smartphone or tablet and includes detailed information about your journey: your route on a GPS map, with optional stops, local tips, suggestions for tours and activities, the best restaurants and audio storytelling!

In this way you can make the most of each day without the need to search, but with all the freedom independent travel gives you. On top of that, our team of expert travel is there to back you up whenever needed!

Includes App for smartphones & tablets

• GPS Maps
• Audio storytelling
• Self-guided tours
• Standard & optional stops
• Restaurants & activities
• Local tips
• Online & offline mode

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How does it work?

How does it work?

Choose your itinerary

1. Choose your itinerary

Select the itinerary that you like best from our list of self-drive tours, based on the places you want to visit, the theme or the duration of your trip.

Pick up your car

2. Pick up your car

Once you arrive at your destination you can just pick up your car from the airport or Athens city-center and hit the road!

Open our Travel App

3. Open our Travel App

Just open the link we ‘ll send you and your entire trip will unravel on your smartphone or tablet! All you need is there, online and offline too!

Hit the road

4. Hit the road

You now have all you need to enjoy the freedom independent travel gives you, without stressing about anything. We have your back every step of the way!

Why choose a self-drive trip?

Why choose a self-drive trip?

Have you ever woken up in your hotel, had breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning on the internet looking for what to do, where to go and guestimating driving times?

Have you ever been in the car with kids screaming and arguing with your partner on which turn to take or where to have lunch?

A self-drive tour takes care of all this, without taking away the joy of personal choices. Where you go and how long you stay is entirely up to you. We’ll also provide you with an App that includes all the details of your trip.

Each tour follows a specific theme and has standard stops, but also optional stops that you can use to customize your trip, as well as suggestions that we have personally tried ourselves.

In this way you minimize lost time on the go and you get the best advice from locals that have been exploring Greece for a long time.

Benefits of a self-drive tour with Alternative Athens

Benefits of a self-drive tour with Alternative Athens

Innovative App

Our self-drive tours come with an innovative App that will change the way you travel like you’ve never imagined: Comfort, safety, personalization and time-saving all in one place. All you have to do is download our App on your smartphone or tablet and hit the road!


A self-drive trip gives you the freedom to choose the places that best suit your personal interests, at your own pace. You have complete control of what to see, what time you’ll wake up and how much time you’ll spend at each place. In other words, you have full control of your holiday!

Thematic itineraries

Our self-drive trips include information and tools to make the most of your time. But they also include hand-crafted itineraries with a theme for your entire trip and for each day, that will help you get a deep understanding of local communities and the Greek culture.

Personalized trip planning

At the beginning of each day, you ‘ll get a full list of the best activities and tours you can book, what time they run and the easiest online way to book them. In this way you don’t have to worry about logistics and stress about how to get there on time and how long to spend at each stop.

Insider tips

Our trips have been created by people that have been exploring Greece since their early childhood. Our suggestions aren’t part of a guide book, they are our personal favorites. What’s more, our best guide, Danae, shares her audio stories at various stops of your trip!

Cost savings

Our self-drive tours have a much lower cost than traditional tours that come with a private guide and driver. At the same time, you lose nothing of the local knowledge and trip planning, while you can spend a lot more on experiences that best suit your personal interests.

Awards & Accolades


"This was the most enjoyable tour we did in Athens and this was all down to our guide. She was so friendly and gave information not only about the food but also the history of Athens. The food we sampled was delicious. There was so much food that we had a doggie bag that we filled as we went around."


""Many of the restaurants were incredible choices. I would highly recommend this experience." Aaron L."

SD General review 2

""We loved the hotels and the recommendations as well as your ‘must sees’ for the sites, villages, landmarks and restaurants." Martina"

SD General review 4