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The Mythology Highlights Tour

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Chase your heroes across the city that first told their stories!


4 hours


Daily at 9 a.m


english, french


€55per person

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Delve into a mythological tour that starts from the birth of this glorious city through its Golden Age, all the way to its downfall to the Spartan armies. Get to the heart of the ancient world and uncover fascinating stories from the Greek mythology. Learn about the true meaning of these timeless myths and the historical events that hide behind them!

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  • All the best landmarks in the city. From the world-famous Acropolis to the majestic Olympian Zeus Temple, the ancient Cemetery of Keramikos and the Ancient Agora.
  • Get ready for a crash course in Greek mythology. Learn all about the Greek gods and heroes and the historical events behind their myths.
  • Understand the Ancient Greek society. Examine the social, cultural and political context of the myths and how they helped Athens into becoming one of the greatest cities of the world. 
  • A city with a view. Enjoy spectacular views and discover hidden ancient corners.

What you can expect

Start your tour at the magnificent Temple of Olympian Zeus which was, and still is, the unofficial entry point to Athens and the mythological start of this glorious city.

From there, your English-speaking guide will take you all the way to the Theater of Dionysus and the Acropolis to visit the Temple of Athena Nike, the Temple of Erechtheion, the Propylaia and of course, the marvelous Parthenon.

It is here that the most famous ancient myths come to life, stories about Gods and Heroes, such as almighty Zeus, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and protector of Athens, Poseidon, God of the Sea, Dionysus, God of Wine and many more. But what’s even more intriguing is that you’ll also find out what truths hide behind these myths and why the Ancient Greeks created them.

Your tour back in time continues to the Ancient Agora. It is here that democracy was born and where great philosophers such as Socrates spoke about global truths. Here you’ll have a rare chance to see the Hephaisteion, the most perfectly preserved of Greece’s temples and one shared between Athena and the God of the forge, Hephaestus. You ‘ll hear more mythical stories about Theseus and the Minotaur, the jealous wife of Zeus, Hera and Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty.

This walk will also help you figure out how this city was created and how it rose to become one of the greatest cities of the old world. In the Ancient Cemetery of Keramikos, kingdom of Hades, the myths of life and death, will finally help you understand how Athens managed to create such a reputation and such monuments that are still immortal and legendary. Just like their Gods.

Practical info

4 hours
Walking pace
english, french
Daily at 9 a.m
Group size
Up to 12 people


  • Adult: 55 €
  • Children under 6: Free
  • Children 6-11: 27 €
  • Children 12-17: 44 €

What's included

  • Licensed English speaking guide
  • Traditional Greek snack

Not included

  • Entry Fees
  • Food or drinks


  • Your meeting point is Olympian Zeus Temple. Detailed instructions will be sent to you upon booking.
  • For this tour you will need a special combo ticket (April-October)  which you can get with your guide without any queuing. Please do not purchase any tickets to the Acropolis beforehand as they may not be deducted from the combo price ticket.
  • Tour not operating on January 1st, March 25th, May 1st, December 25th & 26th, Easter Sunday.

"When in HAVE to take a mythological tour...PLUS get an overview of the city!  It Really was fascinating and Just the Right amount of time!"

Lynn M

"Excellent. Really worth it. Our tour guide, Joanna, was extremely knowledgeable and nice. It really makes a difference to have someone take you around. Do not hesitate to book it!"


"Excellent and informative tour! What a great way to start our holiday in Greece!"

Anjana V

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You'll love:

Learning more about your favorite Greek gods and heroes in the city where they were worshipped.

The Mythology Highlights Tour
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"A perfect day. Alternative Athens is very fortunate to have such gifted guides!"

taiter – Orkney

"Overall, the tour is a MUST if you enjoy seeing a city at night. The way the locals spend the nights in a city tells you a lot about the city's soul...and seeing it with Antonis is the best way to do it.’’"

Sush106 – Texas

"We went to beautiful places, historic places, trendy places. It was a great experience. It was much more then just bar hopping. It was having drinks with your Greek friend."

Edward Q