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Hunting Street Food in Athens: Mission Delectable!

Track down some tasty treasures and help your team win the street snack race.


2.5 to 3 hours


Mon-Sun, upon request


english, french

Athens is full of wonderful food that you don't have to sit down to enjoy. From meaty morsels like souvlaki to savory pies filled with different cheeses to scrumptious sweet indulgences, there's everything you could want to try right at hand. All it takes is a little map-reading, some quick noshing and an adventurous spirit to discover the best of the capital's street-food scene, and cross the finish line first and fully sated.

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  • Exploring the city with a different focus
  • The full story on the street snacks of Greece: their history, how they're made and who makes the best ones in town
  • The food - delicious, traditional, authentic

What you can expect

To start things off, you'll be assigned to a team and an area of the city center. Once you arrive in your area, you'll be broken down into smaller squads and given your own mission briefing, which will include background information on certain items that help make up the Greek street food menu, along with a map of where to find the very best examples of these items. You will then have to locate the item, purchase it, photograph it and eat it, all within a pre-established time limit, before you can start hunting the next item in your assignment. The team with the fastest feet and mouths will win.

This street food hunt is a different way to explore the city, seeking out special spots that locals know as the best sources for the traditional food treats they love. You'll learn about the origins of items, such as the humble tiropita, or cheese pie, that comes in dozens of variations, each with a story behind it, or the koulouri, the sesame-seed bread ring sold from carts throughout the city. Along the way, you'll discover your own favorites, and gain some genuine street credentials of your own as an expert Athenian grazer. Most of all, you'll have fun getting acquainted with the city and its amazing food culture in a novel way. So bring a good appetite, comfortable walking shoes and a sense of curiosity, and we'll supply the rest!

Practical info

2.5 to 3 hours
Walking pace
english, french
Mon-Sun, upon request
Group size
Upon request


  • Please contact us for more details and a customized offer according to your group’s requirements
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A fun food-filled exploration of the best cuisine-to-go spots in downtown Athens

Hunting Street Food in Athens: Mission Delectable!

Awards & Accolades


"The Street Art Tour with Nikos was fantastic! He knows his stuff. I took tons of photos home, presented the same tour to my secondary school students and they loved it! Thanks so much."

Atsakos, Baltimore, USA - TripAdvisor

"Loved it! If you want to see the not-so-usual site of Athens, this tour is totally worth it! It's amazing how much impressive street art there is. And as street art usually can be found in the less touristic, more alternative neighbourhoods of a city, this is your chance to get to know them. Our guide Nikos was super knowledgable and very friendly. Highly recommended!"

RenePfitzner, Zurich, Switzerland - TripAdvisor

"The walking food tour was definitely my highlight while in Athens for a food lover like me. Andreas was very cultivated and eager to guide us on not only about the food but about the rich culture of Athens. He guided us to all the foods I desired to try in Athens! My stomach was truly overwhelmed and pleasantly satisfied after this tour and I’d recommend anyone travelling to Athens to give this tour a go because food and culture is such an important aspect of learning about Greece."

hashikadharm - Australia, TripAdvisor