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Full Day (6 hours)


Tue-Sun: 8.30 am


english, french


€85per person

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Dive into the marvelous world of Ancient Athens with a full day guided tour of the Acropolis, the Acropolis museum, the Ancient Agora and the Temple of Zeus. Uncover stories from the Greek mythology and decode hidden messages in artifacts left behind by the ancient Athenians!

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  • All the most important landmarks in the city in one day, from the world-famous Acropolis to the majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora and the top rated Acropolis Museum!
  • An ingenious museum tour that explains the true importance of the objects on exhibit through fun activities, like no other museum tour you have done before
  • A journey to Greek mythology, including the actual historical events behind the myths, the social and political setting that gave these stories their meaning and the relevance they bear today.
  • A walk through an ancient city of beauty and mystery, with hidden spots rich in history and cultural significance.

What you can expect

Kick-off your ancient Athens mythology experience with a visit at the magnificent Temple of Olympian Zeus which was, and still is, the unofficial entry point to Athens and the mythological start of this glorious city.

From there, your top-rated guide will take you all the way to the Theater of Dionysus and then the magnificent Acropolis. In Acropolis you will visit the Temple of Athena Nike, the Temple of Erechtheion, the Propylaia and of course, the marvelous Parthenon.

Here, the most famous ancient myths come to life, stories concerning beings such as almighty Zeus; his daughter Athena, goddess of wisdom and protector of Athens; Poseidon, god of the sea; and Dionysus, god of wine. But what’s even more intriguing is that you’ll also find out what truths hide behind these myths and why the Ancient Greeks created them.

Your ancient Athens experience continues to the Ancient Agora. It is here that democracy was born and where great philosophers such as Socrates spoke about global truths. But here you'll also learn about Theseus and the Minotaur; about Hera, the ever-jealous wife of Zeus; and about Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.

Through the myths you will finally understand how Athens managed to create such a reputation and such monuments that are still immortal and legendary.

After a short break during which you’ll have some free time for a quick lunch at a spot of your own choice, you will reach one of the world's most important museums, the Acropolis Museum, filled with a vast collection of beautiful objects from thousands of years ago and world-famous for its stunning Parthenon Marbles.

As no ancient Athens experience is complete without meeting the people of Athens, you will be introduced to two Athenians from the city’s Golden Age, whose everyday lives you'll explore as you move through the exhibits. Their personal stories are hidden in the things they left behind, the artifacts that we encounter at the museum today. Your expert guide will lead the way connecting the past to the present through a series of fun games and activities. As you take part in the activities, you'll learn all about Ancient Greek history and culture.

By the time you finish this museum adventure, you will know what made this ancient city so special, and you'll understand, too, the modern relevance of its crowning glory, the Acropolis.

Practical info

Full Day (6 hours)
Walking pace
english, french
Tue-Sun: 8.30 am
Group size
Up to 12 people


  • Adults: 85 €
  • Children under 6: Free
  • Children 6-11: 43 €
  • Children 12-17: 68 €

What's included

  • Licensed English speaking guide
  • Fun Ancient Athens Map
  • Customized illustrated Acropolis post card

Not included

  • Entry Fees
  • Food or drinks


  • Your meeting point is Olympian Zeus Temple. Detailed instructions will be sent to you upon booking.
  • There will be a one-hour break (free time) before visiting the Acropolis Museum so that you can have lunch at a spot of your own choice.·

"My children are avid Percy Jackson fans, obsessed with Greek gods and myths, so seeing where the stories had come from was a real highlight for them. And then there were the turtles in the cemetery.... seriously!"

Claire C

"Our guide Nadia was amazing. Her narrative was engaging, and she made sure everything we saw came alive. Going through these sites without her storytelling would not have been even 5% as much fun."


"We had Alexandra as our tour guide and she was fantastic! She made the myths and legends so interesting and was very informative. She kept it entertaining, historical and relevant to all the places we visited"

Emily F

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Experiencing the full splendor of ancient Athens in a fun way that brings the past to life

Mythology, Acropolis Museum & Acropolis tour
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"A night you won’t forget! Loved the different hidden treasures around the city serving up delicious Greek food and brilliant cocktails surrounded by the amazing nightlife. Our guide, Andreas was friendly and so much fun. This is something not to be missed!"

Sa_banduk - TripAdvisor

"The Street Art Tour with Nikos was fantastic! He knows his stuff. I took tons of photos home, presented the same tour to my secondary school students and they loved it! Thanks so much."

Atsakos, Baltimore, USA - TripAdvisor

"My three kids, ages 8, 6, and 4, had a fantastic time during their "Playing Goddess Athena" activity. The activities were both engaging and educational. My kids loved it and name it as one of the highlights of our 2+ weeks in Greece. I brought a book and my husband went off to see more historical sites that wouldn't interest the children. Highly recommend."

Kristine H