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“Tina's shopping tour is thoughtfully put together. It is very insightful with what is happening in Athens which in undergoing a lot of changes now. The shops chosen give you a simple yet insightful summary of what Athens has to offer”

Poi-Ein, Malaysia


“Tina's Athens Food Tour (including ample tastings, samplings, and recipes if requested) is a don't miss highlight!”

Clint, USA


“The Alternative Athens tour provides so much more insights and interesting information than just visiting the ancient sites in Athens. In fact, we did this tour instead of the usual stuff and feel absolutely inducted in Athens and Atheneans secrets.”

Constance, Germany


“This food tour offers the chance to experience an Athens usually beyond the reach of a tourist.”

Catriona, Australia


“I would really recommend the Delicious Athens Food Tour to anyone who's interested in getting to know both the city and the cuisine in ways that you could never do without a local's help.”

Simon, Israel

Experiencetrue Athens

Our Tours in Athens

Discover authentic Greece with the best tours in Athens!

Do you want to visit Athens beyond the classic Acropolis sightseeing tour? You are wondering what to do in the city, but you don't want to be treated like just another tourist? This is what Alternative Athens is all about! When you book one of our unique, award-winning tours, you can be sure that you will discover the captivating side of Athens and experience the metropolis through the eyes of a local.

Our tours are designed to offer you an unforgettable, genuine Athenian experience, and can be tailored on a private basis to fit your particular needs and requirements. So whether you're a family with kids, a group of friends or a single traveler looking to explore, with our choice of Athens sightseeing tours you’ll never run out of things to do!

A bowl of Greek olives
prices start from 50 euros per person
 Food Walk 

Get on board the most acclaimed Athens food tour!

From bite-sized adventures to gastronomic odysseys, we'll take you to the best food joints and street food stalls in Athens to taste a broad range of delicious Greek culinary specialties. This best-selling tour will take you on a tasty expedition – where food is king – that will have you munching and crunching with the locals in no time.

Monastiraki Square in Athens
prices start from 45 euros per person
 City Tour 

Experience the real city of Athens with a different cultural tour

This insider's walk through the city streets will take you farther than any Athens sightseeing tour; beyond the classic sights, it will reveal Athens' true self: a city in layers, where the ancient, the Ottoman, the neoclassical and the modern city merge to create a rare cultural mosaic.

The Parthenon in Athens
prices start from 53 euros per person
 Mythological Tour 

Walk among the greatest landmarks and uncover their myths!

If you want to visit the Acropolis, this is one of the best tours in Athens, where you'll explore all the major landmarks in 4 hours, learn about Greek gods and heroes, and discover what lies behind these universal myths!

Athens Street Art
prices start from 40 Euros per person
 Street Art Tour 

Discover a surprising and bustling street art scene!

Embark on a fresh and unconventional tour of Athens while exploring its street art. Hailed as the "contemporary mecca for street art in Europe”, Athens is an all year-round home to a vibrant community of over 2,000 street artists. Don’t miss out on this guided walking tour which is a unique collaboration between Alternative_Athens and some of the city’s most promising street artists.

a fashion store in Athens
prices start from 50 euros per person
 Shopping Walk 

Discover the hidden gems of the local shopping scene

This tour is the only Greek designers shopping tour in Athens: Enjoy the best shopping the city has to offer in handicrafts, clothes, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, and more in this unique, out-of-the-ordinary alternative sightseeing Athens’ tour!

a lively bar in Athens
prices start from 50 Euros per person
 by Night Tour 

Revel in the celebrated Greek nightlife right there with the locals!

Embark on a bar hopping night with our guide and you will visit trendy places, have loads of fun and meet fascinating people. Get a taste of the Greek way of life with our pick of Athens’ best spots to enjoy cocktails and some Greek wine under the famous blue sky.

Athens Gay Pride in front of the Parliament Square
prices start from 50 Euros per person
 Proud Athens 
 Gay & Lesbian Night Out 

Your guide to Athens’ vibrant gay and lesbian night scene

Discover the first and only gay and lesbian night tour in Athens! With this unique night tour of Athens, you’ll experience the local gay and lesbian nightlife exactly where it happens - in a surprisingly open city that caters for all tastes and styles!

The forest of Kesariani outside Athens
prices start from 35 Euros per child
 The Enchanted Forest: 
 Greek nature & mythology 

A family tour you'll never forget

Explore the incredible wealth of Greek nature in fantastic forest locations, just a few minutes away from the city center, in one of the most original of our Athens alternative sightseeing tours plan. Learn the secrets of Greek mythology in a bit of fun and original outdoor activity for the whole family.

The Propylaia in the Acropolis of Athens
 & Tailor-made Tours 

Choose your path with our tailor-made tours

We offer unprecedented insider experiences, opening doors others simply can't. Tell us what you would like to do and what to see and we’ll be happy to create a customized private tour, based on your tastes, budget and time in Athens. We love to get creative, we know the city inside out and we are experts at putting together a sightseeing tour of Athens unlike any other tour company in town.


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