Korina's menu

STARTERS - “MEZE” (selection of 2)

Xtypiti, a classic Greek appetizer

  • • Greek Caponata - Toasted "village" bread topped with rich marinated vegetables and a dollop of katiki cheese
  • • "Xtypiti" Dip - Feta cheese dip with Florina roasted sweet red peppers and a pinch of paprika served with toasted greek pitta bread
  • • Cheesy Feta Parcels - Feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry, fried and drizzled with honey and black sesame seeds
  • • "Spanakopita" - Traditional spinach pie with thick filo pastry and filled with spinach, leeks, feta and fresh herbs

SALADS (selection of 1)

  • • Horiatiki - Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, red onion, capers, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, bread rusks, oregano, olive oil)
  • • Potato Salad - With olives, sun dried tomatoes, crispy onions and an olive oil-garlic dressing
  • • Romaine Lettuce Salad - With cucumbers, spring onions, Kalamata olives and a zesty vinaigrette dressing
  • • "Politiki" Salad - Marinated white and red cabbage, carrots, celery, green-red peppers and spring onions, served with spicy olive oil-garlic dressing (available only during winter)

MAIN DISHES (selection of 1)


Stuffed Peppers

  • • Veggie Moussaka - A classic oven-baked dish with layered eggplants, potatoes and ground mushrooms (replacing meat) in tomato sauce, topped with creamy bechamel sauce and grated cheese.
  • • Spaghetti - With tzatziki, fresh chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of fresh basil.
  • • Stuffed Bell Peppers - With mushrooms, rice and anthotyro cheese, topped with tomatoes, olives and spring onions.

Octopus stew with pasta

  • • Octopus Stew - Slowly cooked in a sweet and sour broth with honey, balsamic vinegar and onion - served with makaronaki kofto (ditalini pasta).
  • • Baked Bakaliaros (Haddock) - Cooked in white wine and Greek saffron - served with potato mash or sauteed vegetables.
  • • Bakaliaros "a la Spetsiota" - A traditional dish from Spetsae island: haddock in rich tomato sauce with potatoes, capers and fresh herbs, oven-baked.

Gioulbasi meat stew


  • • "Gioulbasi" - A traditional hearty meat dish: diced beef and pork wrapped in baking parchment together with peppers, tomatoes, graviera cheese and a hint of white wine - all slowly cooked in the oven - served with lemony baked potatoes.
  • • Pastitsio - A dish made of layers of pasta, minced meat filling and a creamy béchamel topping and baked till golden brown.
  • • Pork Stew with Leek and Celery - Slowly cooked in a rich egg-lemon sauce.
  • • Lamb Roast - Slowly cooked in the oven with white wine, rosemary, thyme and garlic, glazed with mustard and honey - served with crispy oven potatoes.

DESSERT (selection of 1)

Ravani semolina sweet

  • • "Ravani" - Soft, sweet semolina cake soaked in lemony syrup and served with a scoop of kaimaki (Orchid and Mastic ice cream).
  • • Greek Pavlova - Meringue-based dessert with a vanilla scented Greek yogurt cream and sour cherry preserve topping.
  • • Halva - Semolina pudding with cinammon and orange syrup, drizzled with honey and walnuts.
  • • Greek Yoghurt - topped with honey and walnuts or traditional sweet fruit preserve (selection of grape, quince or sour cherry).
  • • Fruit platter - an assorment of seasonal fruits.


• Red or white wine.


• Αpple geranium apéritif
• Rakomelo: boiled "tsikoudia" (traditional distilled pomace spirit) with honey, cinnamon & cloves)
• Coffee or Greek herbal tea


Lena's menu

STARTERS - “MEZE” (selection of 2)

Dakos, a traditional Cretan salad

  • • Tzatziki - traditional Greek yogurt-based dip flavored with vinegar, garlic and crisp cucumbers.
  • • Roasted Feta Cheese - oven baked, topped with tomatoes, onions, green peppers, chopped Greek olives, hint of parsley and a tiny drizzle of olive oil.
  • • Strapatsada - scrambled eggs dish with grated tomatoes, olive oil and crumbled feta cheese.
  • • Bruschetta - with Greek sausage and caramelized onions cooked in a rich honey and mustard sauce.

SALADS (selection of 1)

Dakos, a traditional Cretan salad

  • • Classic Greek salad - Juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, sliced red onion, green peppers, feta cheese and Greek olives with oregano/olive oil dressing.
  • • Mediterranean Couscous salad - Aromatic semolina salad with tomatoes, Greek olives, mint, oregano, with a light lemon dressing.
  • • Greek Urban Salad - Mixed fresh vegetables topped with katiki soft cheese, olive oil rusks and capers with olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette.
  • • Dakos - Traditional Cretan salad with barley rusks topped with chopped tomato, crumbled feta cheese, olives, oregano and capers

MAIN DISHES (selection of 1)


Gemista, a hearty vegeterian dish

  • • Spinach Soufflé - Fresh spinach and sundried tomatoes mixed in rich feta sauce and baked with a cheesy crust.
  • • Gemista stuffed vegetables - Assortment of tomatoes, zucchini or bell peppers stuffed with an aromatic rice and Greek herb mix, served with roast potatoes.
  • • Veggie souvlaki - A variation on the famous Greek souvlaki: soy meat, chopped tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce all folded in cripsy grilled pita bread.

Cod fish en papillotte

  • • Cod fish "en papillotte" - Cod fish (or other fresh fish depending on market) cooked in parchment paper pouches with herbs, served with roasted vegetables julienne and potato salad on the side.
  • • Bourdeto - A traditional recipe from the Ionian island of Corfu. Fish and potatoes cooked with onions and paprika in a rich tomato sauce.
  • • Spaghetti with Seafood Saganaki - An irresistible pasta dish with a rich topping made of seafood, feta cheese, garlic, onions, oregano, extra virgin Olive Oil and tomato sauce.


Beef giouvetsi

  • • Soutzoukakia with Rice Pilaf - A traditional dish coming from the Greeks of Asia Minor: Spicy meat balls cooked in tomato sauce served with rice cooked in butter and onions.
  • • Beef Giouvetsi - A hearty oven-cooked dish, made with beef in light tomato sauce and orzo pasta (kritharaki).
  • • Herb-roasted Lamb - Oven-roasted lamb and crispy crushed potatoes with garlic and local herb "throubi" (summer savory).
  • • Souvlaki - the most famous Greek dish, in its original version: Small chunks of tender pork or chicken meat served in grilled pita bread, with tzatziki sauce, chopped tomatoes and onions.

DESSERT (selection of 1)

Ryzogalo Greek rice pudding

  • • Ryzogalo - A traditional creamy rice pudding flavored with mastic gum from Chios or vanilla.
  • • Ypovryxio - Vanilla submarine: a nugget of mastic- or vanilla-flavored sugar paste dipped in a glass of ice cold water.
  • • Halva - Roasted semolina puddding with cinnamon and almonds, drizzled with orange blossom syrup.
  • • Fresh fruit salad


  • • Welcome mocktail or smoothie.
  • • Red or white wine.
  • • Ouzo, an anise-flavored drink and a staple of Greek culture.
  • • Coffee or tea.
Meet real people,Eat real food

Alternative Athens Home Cooked Meals

Eat with locals and enjoy authentic Greek homemade cuisine

Home Cooked meals in Athens

A bit about Greek cuisine

One of the joys of traveling is experiencing different cultures than our own - and what better way to live that experience than being a guest in a local's home to share a hearty meal? From warm fava and aromatic lamb kleftiko to eggplants baked with tomato and cheese and tyropita (traditional cheese pie), Greek cuisine gets top marks for great food and good value.

What we offer

During one of our Athens' Home Cooked meals, you'll be welcomed by real Athenian home chefs who will introduce you to the secrets of Greek cooking and the ways of Greek hospitality. Each of Alternative Athens' carefully selected home chefs is a dedicated foodie and has a genuine interest in sharing their culture with travelers from around the world.

Alternative Athens Home Cooked Meals highlights:

Discover authentic Greek cuisine over a 4-course meal, cooked with fresh ingredients from local producers and farmers markets, and let your hosts share their culture and the contemporary way of life in today's Athens.

What's on your menu?
Meet real Athenians in their own home!

Each homemade lunch or dinner you book will offer the following:
• Salad
• Two Appetizers
• One Main Course
• One Dessert
• Wine & Coffee

How it works:
  • 1. Choose your host

    Salivate at the menus and make your pick!
  • 2. Book a date

    Check availability with your host.
  • 3. Pick your menu

    From the available selection of dishes.

You're set! Kali orexi!

Athens Cooking Classes Available!
Ask us about our cooking class & home-cooked meals combos and learn more than just recipes and cooking tips. Let us teach you about Greek food, life and longevity!!

Athens Home Chef: Lena

Alternative Athens Home Cooked Meals with Lena

Lena is a native Athenian who sees cooking as a way to express her creativity and an opportunity to share with others. She loves cooking traditional Greek food for her friends and guests, in the same way she was instructed by the women in her family and uses recipes that come from generations back in time. Her cooking reflects the geographical diversity of her family and resonates both with the Italian influences of the island of Corfu, as well as the spicy riches of Asia Minor that carry the atmosphere of the seductive Orient.
Meet real Athenians in their own home!

Lena’s beautiful apartment is located in a quiet suburb in the north of Athens, overlooking a big garden, ideal for al fresco dining during the hot summer months.

Athens Home Chef: Korina

Alternative Athens Home Cooked Meals with Korina
Korina is a cookbook addict and self-taught cook, with an intense interest in food her childhood. Her "kitchen career" begun at age 12, when she started cooking halva for her 6 year old sister. She has been cooking ever since for family and friends with a strong commitment to locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Nothing makes her happier than the smile on someone’s face as they take the first bite of a delicious, homemade meal.
Meet real Athenians in their own home!

Korina's apartment is located in the northern suburbs of Athens and has a wonderful patio overlooking a garden, offering a relaxed get-away from the crowded city center.

Alternative Athens Home Cooked Meals
• Availability:Monday to Friday: Lunch and Dinner
Weekends: upon request
• Capacity:2 persons minimum & up to 12.
• Host Languages: English
• Price:45 € per person
Children 0-5 yrs: Free
Children 6-18 yrs: 25 € per child


Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements, food allergies or intolerances.
Special dishes can be prepared for vegetarians/vegans.
All guests must share the same selection from the menu.


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