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Tina, founder and CEO of Alternative Athens

Tina is a native Athenian who belongs to the new generation of Greeks that believe that Greece is more than just ouzo, bouzouki and souvlaki. A seasoned traveller herself, she knows first hand that nothing beats a local's insight when visiting a foreign country. She has a passion for discovering hidden corners of Athens and unveiling the secrets of this complex and diverse city, and sharing her discoveries with visitors to enrich their Athenian experience. She loves cultural crossings, great conversations and, of course… authentic, delicious food!
Tina is the founder and CEO of Alternative Athens.



Vassia is an easy-going person, who strolls through life and the city in a nonchalant, yet high-spirited way. She really loves little discoveries, endless talks around a cup of coffee (or a glass of ouzo!) and her pupils. Ever since she realized that people speak different languages, she decided to learn as many as she could, in order to communicate with them! With her, you will get a generous taste of typical Greek mentality, food, excessive gesturing, and most likely, a good laugh.




Christina is an incurable optimist who finds pleasure in all the little things of life. She is a very active person and a long-time activist devoting much of her time to noble causes (her big passion is rescuing injured or mistreated horses) and she loves sharing with visitors the hidden treasures of Athens that surprise locals and foreigners alike...



Stella is a licensed guide and archaeologist

Stella fell in love with Athens 15 years ago. Ever since, she has explored every historic corner under the Athenian light and has a story to tell about it. She loves to travel and discover places untouched by globalization. She has a deep admiration for hearty people and children, with who she works extensively, figuring out creative ways to let them into the magical world of Greek history and mythology.
Stella is an archaeologist and licensed tourist guide, specializing in educational programmes for children.


Diana will win you over with her positive attitude and energy!

Diana is an energetic, positively spirited Athenian, with a warm personality that wins people over immediately. She has spent many years living abroad with her family and has recently returned to Athens to do what fascinates her most: Discover what her city has to offer and invite friends, family and travelers to become acquainted with it, share the joy, the knowledge and the experience. Children are usually among her biggest fans!
Diana has studied philosophy and literature in Paris.



Rude, our great street art tour guide!

Nick a.k.a. "Rude" has been involved in street art since a very young age, and creativity was always a great motivation for him. At the same time he enjoys good food, music and endless chats about his city, philosophy, trends and the “palette of life” . He believes that the dynamic combination of different ethnicities and cultures is the best way to learn from and about each other and life in general. Nik holds a M.A. in Design and Visual Communication.




Andreas was born and raised in Athens to a British dad and a Greek mom. He's passionate about what the vibrant city has to provide: the overwhelming history, the fascinating modern day life, its unique geography, the awe-inspiring landmarks. Andreas feels the urge to get involved in the social life of his birthplace: politics, sport, arts, food, you name it -he's in it!




Melina has been travelling around the world since she was 16, but her real passion is Athens and discovering anything new going on in the city. Half-Greek, half-French, Melina is an optimist by nature who loves to meet new people and inspire them to open up and share. She’s not afraid to take risks and find creative solutions to the most challenging situations! Melina also belongs to the new generation of Greek designers and is one of the most gifted creators of hand-made bags and accessories.



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