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The Myths of Goddess Athena

Feed your children’s creativity in a way they’ll really enjoy and remember!


2 hours


Mon-Sun, 10.00am (April to October)


english, french


€35per person

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It’s time to meet a goddess, a god, some giants and the rest of the cast in a two-hour adventure for your children. Run by professional practitioners in educational theater, the activities – which include stories, games and artwork, will keep smiles on everyone’s face and even teach them a little.

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  • The story of the Gigantomachy, the great battle between gods and giants, comes alive in an playful audience-participation session
  • The contest between Athena and Poseidon for the heart of the Athenian people is explained and explored in a game
  • Athena’s gift of the loom wasn’t just for ancient Greeks – weaving will be done, and some souvenirs will be made, all with helpful but low-key supervision
  • Parents can join in if they want, or they can just relax and take a sneaky break

What you can expect

In the shadow of an archaeological site, theater professionals trained in child education will tell stories, organize games, put together some artwork, and teach your children how to operate a simple loom. The stories, the art and the games revolve around the goddess Athena – first, her role in the epic battle between the gods and giants for the domination of the world, and then her contest with Poseidon to see who would be the patron god/goddess of the city of Athens. And let's not forget the story of her birth, how she sprang full grown and clad in armor from Zeus’ forehead!

The themes and the stories are exciting all on their own, but the expert performers get the most of the material, making it really fun for your small and medium-sized fellow travelers. The story of the loom, for instance (it was Athena’s gift to humans, and one of the reasons she’s known as goddess of the arts as well as the goddess of victory and of wisdom) develops into a hands-on weaving activity where the kids really get to make – and keep – their own souvenirs. The story of the Gigantomachy is played through various theatrical game techniques, while the contest for Athens between Athena and Poseidon is done via a creative puzzle game.

Parents can be as involved as they want; this activity takes place in a location where the grown-ups can do their own thing while the children play and learn. Grab a coffee or do a little texting, and get ready to listen, because they’ll tell you all about it when they get back.

Practical info

2 hours
english, french
Mon-Sun, 10.00am (April to October)
Group size
Up to 15 children

Good to know

  • This activity can be ideally combined for the whole family with a private kids-friendly visit to the Acropolis or the Acropolis museum.
  • The activity is specially tailored for kids between 5-10 years old.


  • Children: 35 €
  • Parents: Free

What's included

  • English-speaking professional pedagogue
  • Materials for all games and activities

Not included

  • Food or drinks


  • Your meeting point is the National Gardens. Detailed meeting instructions will be sent to you upon booking.
  • Parents can participate too or relax under the shade of trees, but must always be within reach of their children.

"My three kids, ages 8, 6, and 4, had a fantastic time during their "Playing Goddess Athena" tour. The activities were both engaging and educational. My kids loved it and name it as one of the highlights of our 2+ weeks in Greece. I brought a book and my husband went off to see more historical sites that wouldn't interest the children. Highly recommend."

Kristine H

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You'll love:

The stories, the games and the fun they’ll have!

The Myths of Goddess Athena
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"Overall, the tour is a MUST if you enjoy seeing a city at night. The way the locals spend the nights in a city tells you a lot about the city's soul...and seeing it with Antonis is the best way to do it.’’"

Sush106 – Texas

"When in HAVE to take a mythological tour...PLUS get an overview of the city!  It Really was fascinating and Just the Right amount of time!"

Lynn M

"We had a blast with Andreas! He was incredibly friendly, insightful, outgoing, and answered our tons of questions that came up about what life is like in Athens today. He truly made you feel like a friend."