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The Delicious Nafplio Food Tour

Discovering the scrumptious culinary heritage of the Peloponnese


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In this charming port city, the first capital of modern independent Greece, with its impressive Venetian fortifications and its beautiful neoclassical mansions, you'll explore Nafplion's long history and rich cultural heritage through a selection of amazing taste experiences in fascinating locations and settings.

This is a Private Tour

Our private tours can be booked as featured or be customized especially for you.


  • Tasting nearly a dozen different selected local items ranging from sour cherry juice to ouzo and from local cheeses, olive oil and premium local honey to pastries and rich meat dishes!
  • Learning about the rich culinary tradition of the South of Greece from your expert top-rated food guide 
  • Exploring the sights of this beautiful city, with its mix of Venetian, Ottoman and Neoclassical influences.
  • Strolling along this historic port's picturesque seaside promenade, one of the most scenic city walks you can take in Greece

What you can expect

It's only fitting that you begin your tour at the port; nothing captures the essence of Nafplion better than its picturesque seafront promenade where locals and visitors alike relax at cafés and restaurants overlooking the bay and the 15th-century Venetian Castle of Bourtzi, which sits in the middle of the harbor. Here, we'll kick off the fun with an exceptional cold coffee innovation created in Greece, the freddo cappuccino, a refreshing option on a hot day!

After coffee, we'll turn inland for the heart of the Old Town. Here, you'll sample the orange cake, or portokalopita, as we call it in Greek, a scrumptious sponge cake soaked in orange and cinnamon syrup, the sweet specialty of a region with an abundance of orange groves.

After a look around some marvelous Ottoman architecture, we'll get down to business with a tasting of olives, olive oils and an excellent local tapenade. We'll also try some amazing Greek honey, made from the nectar of orange blossoms and characterized by a refreshingly light citrus taste, and finish up with a traditional treat of mastic fondant.

A few steps away, you'll enjoy a unique kebab of finely chopped meat, spiced to perfection and grilled over charcoal embers. The origins of this dish will be further explained by your guide − indeed, throughout the tour, you'll be given wonderful tidbits of information on all the foods and beverages you'll sample.

Did someone say beverages? The next visit is to a historic family distillery famed for its ouzo and local liqueurs. Then, we'll change flavors again as we grab some homemade kaimaki ice cream, made with mastic resin and sahlep, a flour from the root of an orchid plant, for a unique taste experience.

At an intriguing location that delves into the cultural heritage of the Peloponnese, you'll enjoy a glass of cold vyssinada, a favorite summer drink of sour cherry juice mixed with cold water. Following on from here, we'll see an award-winning small-scale pasta production outfit to see how the Greek pasta varieties known as trachanas and chilopites are still being made in the traditional fashion.

After a visit to the Old Railway Station of Nafplion, you'll go to a specialty shop to taste a variety of cheeses and Greek yogurts, all produced in a nearby village, before we walk through a historic district of Nafplio, an area that was destroyed and rebuilt twice during Nafplion's turbulent history.

Our last stop is at a small taverna, very popular among locals, with a menu full of creative culinary items made with local produce and served a bright courtyard that is the perfect place to conclude our food tour.


Practical info

4 hours
Walking pace
Upon request
Group size
Upon request

Good to know

  • There will be plenty to eat so make sure you come with a light stomach!
  • For most people, the food consumed equals a hearty lunch.
  • It’s ideal all year round, rain or shine.
  • The tour is perfect for families, as children will be very involved in the tastings, keeping them interested throughout the tour.

What's included

  • All food & drink tastings arranged as part of the tour (equals lunch)
  • English speaking guide

Not included

  • Any food or drinks that you get on your own
  • Transportation to/from Nafplion


  • If you suffer from any food allergies or have special dietary requirements, you are kindly requested to contact us in advance before booking this tour.
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encountering this charming city through its mouthwatering local delicacies

The Delicious Nafplio Food Tour
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