Cooking with Marina & Spiros

In the kitchen of a Greek food blogger


4-5 hours


Mon-Sun: 11.00a.m




€65per person

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Marina and Spiros are in love with food and each other, and are always on the look-out for traditional recipes and new interpretations. They find new ideas at the local farmers’ market or at the popular new restaurants they visit regularly. Their apartment is in the center of town.

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  • Learn how to make classic comfort food recipes, as well as their delicious versions, creative ideas and fusion alternatives.
  • Cook easy-to-make recipes in a fun and relaxed way, with step-by-step guidance, that you can make at home too.
  • See where food and the rituals of cooking really fit into Greek culture
  • Enjoythe casual yet warm hospitality of your host’s home

What you can expect

Forget the chef’s hats - in their own kitchens, your instructors will show you just how traditional Greek dishes are made right at home, where real cooking happens. You might find out how to make spanakopita (spinach pie), for instance, a snack that’s as tasty as it is fun to put together, or learn to master ravani, a sweet semolina cake that may quickly become your favorite dessert. Whatever you make, it will be authentic, made with fresh ingredients sourced as locally as possible, and you’ll be right up to your elbows in it!

You’ll discover techniques as well as recipes, and you’ll hear, too, the story of each dish – where it comes from and what it means to the family of the cook that’s teaching you. Don’t forget that nearly all the cooks in Greece are home-taught, and culinary wisdom is passed down from generation to generation. On the other hand, each cook is different as well, so you’ll also find out how tastes and dishes have evolved over time. Then, once all the cooking and the teaching are over, you’ll get to eat everything you’ve made, in a start-to-finish experience that’s miles apart from ordering this meal at a restaurant.

These recipes are easy to learn and don’t involve any restaurant-caliber equipment or rare ingredients, so you’ll have no problem replicating them yourself back at home. Your cooks will also share helpful kitchen tips and explain variations on the dishes as well.

This is not cooking under pressure; instead, it’s a relaxed introduction to Greek cuisinethat works whether you’re an occasional cook or an aspiring chef. It’s also a great chance to see another aspect of Greek society – in Greece, the kitchen is the heart of every house, and probably half of all daily conversations between friends or family begin with: “What are you having for dinner?” This means that with this lesson, as well as learning recipes, you’ll learn a little more about the national character, too.

Practical info

4-5 hours
Mon-Sun: 11.00a.m
Group size
Up to 8 people


  • Adults: 65 € 
  • Children under 6: Free
  • Children 6-11: 33 € 
  • Children 12-18: 65 €

What's included

  • Preparation of the meal
  • Food and drinks as described in the menu

Not included

  • Transportation to/from your guest's home


  • Marina & Spiros can also accommodate vegetarians and vegans.
  • If you suffer from any food allergies or have special dietary requirements, you are kindly requested to contact us in advance before booking this tour.
  • Your meeting location is in Pangrati. Detailed meeting instructions will be sent to you upon booking.
  • This activity does not operate on January 1st and December 25th.
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You'll love:

Coming away with new techniques, recipes and edible souvenirs!

Cooking with Marina & Spiros
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"We had Alexandra as our tour guide and she was fantastic! She made the myths and legends so interesting and was very informative. She kept it entertaining, historical and relevant to all the places we visited"

Emily F

"We had the best tour guide I have ever met. She was very smart and could have been an actress with her voice and inflections."


"I just got back from Athens and I must say that the authentic home cooked meal at Korina's was excellent..after a long day of work Korina came home and cooked our meal including entree,wine and lamb..if you ever have a chance to try this you must, you won't be disappointed."