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I am a person who loves colors. Whenever I have to choose between a pair of glasses, new clothes, or a new purse, my choice is always the most brightly-colored. This has become instinctive throughout the years, and it is only recently that I realized it is directly related to my native country. I was born and raised in the center of Athens, Greece, and despite this, I have spent all my summers by the sea. The smells, the images and the sounds I grew up with in both the city, but also the countryside, have really shaped my personality. Yet I always took them for granted, and never realized their true worth.

On several occasions, destiny has led me away from Greece. The most recent one, however, was the one which made me appreciate my origins the most. It was during one of my visits in Athens that I stopped in a small, humble, white church by the sea, very close to my home. The sun was bright; the sea was a bit agitated but crystal clear and turquoise.

I entered the church; I lit my candle and headed towards Saint Marina’s icon in order to pay my respect. As I was approaching the icon, a perfume coming from it hit my nostrils. It was a mixture of various aromas: jasmine, rose, lavender and lemon flowers. Such a familiar smell diffused in the air! So many childhood memories resurrected. I stepped outside and was hit by the brightness of the white color on the walls. I took a moment and filled up my senses with the sound of the splash of the waves, the contrast between the blue and the white and last but not least the smells of the sea salt and the flowers.

I kept the aftertaste of these feelings vivid during my return to the country I was living in back then. Thanks to them I was coping with the long, dreary and dull winters. This deprivation of the sun, the colors and the smells that make Greece so characteristic made me appreciate what was missing from my life, and for the first time I understood the true beauty of it all.

These are mutual sentiments shared by all Greeks, since we decide to stand by our nation through thick and thin, and would never disregard the experiences and pleasures this land has to offer. I cannot explain the love I feel towards Greece, since it is something ingrained in my soul.

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"In 2010, the Greek crisis hit and the country went into freefall. I was left without a job, a car or even medical insurance, and there was little perspective of finding a new job any time soon."

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Travel Designer

"I remember when I was about 17, my friend asked me what my plans for life were. Sincerely, I had no clue. I had some scattered images in my head of how I imagine myself. Like photographs. The only thing in common, I remember, was that all these images were in some far lands, with unusual landscapes and distant cultures. Living abroad was something I use to fantasize a lot as a kid. It was a constant change and an excitement over new things that attracted me."

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“I grew up in a neighbourhood called Nea Smyrni. The first settlers here were refugees from Asia Minor. People in our neighbourhood are proud of where they come from; they respect history because many of their grandparents or great-grandparents were lost or had to emigrate following the end of the conflict between Greece and Turkey.”

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“I was about five, and I was taking part in a school celebration. Dressed in a traditional costume like all the other members of my “troupe”, I was waiting to recite the lines of the poem I had painstakingly learnt by heart. At last, my turn came. But when I stood behind the microphone, my mind went blank and my mouth went dry. Tears welled up in my eyes. Terrified, I glanced over at my classmates who, grouped behind the wings and dressed in their own slightly silly costumes, were waiting to act their part."

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"There is a book I like a lot. Its final sentence reads: “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”. I was in my early twenties when I read it and my childhood had been relatively happy. But I tend to take stuff written in books very seriously. Why had the author chosen to end a book about an improbable love story with this sentence?

It was around that time that I started to travel."

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Travel Designer

“In the induction program for my Master’s degree, I had to join a team and carry out some outdoor activities with them. Naturally, when it came out that I had acrophobia, I was the one assigned to abseil down a cliff. When the time came to step off the edge, I froze in front of everyone. It was the most embarrassing moment, of my life..."

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Niko a.k.a. Rude


"It must have been at the end of middle school when I discovered graffiti, although my fascination with drawing and the arts had been with me a lot longer. My new hobby began stealing ‘precious’ time I could have used for studying for school. I realised that action had to be taken..."

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"Although I loved Greece, when I moved back here after spending so much time away, I didn’t feel that I belonged in the country that I loved. The people confused me – I really didn’t understand them – and I thought about getting out again. I changed jobs over and over before I realized that it wasn’t the right job I was looking for, it was the change itself, the feeling of travelling within my own life."

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"This tour was excellent! A three hour walk through the most interesting districts of Athens looking at the latest street art. Our guide Nikos was superb - well informed, engaged, and super friendly."

Costi S

"We learned a lot about Athens life and Greek history while enjoying some delicious drinks. Antonis takes you to places that you would only know about from a local. We can not recommend it enough!!"

Bryan M

"We learned about the area, history of LGBTin Athens, local hot spots, and much more. At the end of the night it was like we were locals and apart of her circle of friends. A MUST in Athens if you are LGBTQI."

Ady S