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I come from a multicultural background. My parents although both of them are Greek, were not actually born in Greece, but I was. I could say born and bred in Athens but that would not be exactly true. My parents were in the travelling life, not business, life. Although my dad did live and breathe for the airline company he was working for. So we travelled everywhere we could.

When I was 15 we were at a wonderful resort hotel in Limassol. I remember it just like it was yesterday. I went down to meet my family for breakfast full of excitement and purpose. I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life! I wanted to work in hotels; I loved the combination of the buzz and the calmness, the sensation of fulfilment at being able to make so many people happy. And of course I imagined that this type of work would take me around the world to all the places I wanted to see.

So we returned to Greece after 6 years in London, where my father had been stationed, forced to complete my English education because my Greek by now had become hopeless and then thankfully finding a college that we could afford for my hospitality education to begin. Not before long I should have my own chain of hotels…..

Reality was a little different. I loved the learning, the experiences everything, and in hindsight I had a most wonderful time. Two things went wrong, both contradictory to my personality. First in my third year of practical training in Switzerland I had a breakdown. I could not stand the loneliness and differences between my mentality and that of the people around me. I was going to give up just days before completing my diploma. My mother did the best thing a mother could do, she told me to come home. So I stayed with renewed energy and determination. One of the best lessons in my life. Because when I finally did get to Greece, a country which although I loved, I did not feel like I truly belonged. I was Greek but I had nothing in common with the people in my country, they confused me. I didn’t fit in here either. I thought of leaving many times. But I was already working in the hotel industry in Athens and the way of life was sucking me in.

I changed many jobs before I was able to admit to myself that I was preferring quality of life over career. I was “living a poor life while riding a horse”, as a good friend always teases me. Having contact with so many different people from so many different cultural backgrounds was like travelling a little bit every single time. The hospitality business gave me that and Greece provided the structure.

Years later I am spellbound by the beauty, the strength, the resilience, the magic of this little country of mine which has provided me a wealth of experiences and a host of opportunities for my life, and which never ceases to surprise me.

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"In 2010, the Greek crisis hit and the country went into freefall. I was left without a job, a car or even medical insurance, and there was little perspective of finding a new job any time soon."

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Travel Designer

"I remember when I was about 17, my friend asked me what my plans for life were. Sincerely, I had no clue. I had some scattered images in my head of how I imagine myself. Like photographs. The only thing in common, I remember, was that all these images were in some far lands, with unusual landscapes and distant cultures. Living abroad was something I use to fantasize a lot as a kid. It was a constant change and an excitement over new things that attracted me."

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“I grew up in a neighbourhood called Nea Smyrni. The first settlers here were refugees from Asia Minor. People in our neighbourhood are proud of where they come from; they respect history because many of their grandparents or great-grandparents were lost or had to emigrate following the end of the conflict between Greece and Turkey.”

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Photo of Head of Travel Design Tess.


Head of Travel Design

"Tess comes from the Byzantine name Theodosia; in ancient Greek, this means “God gives”. It came to me as an inspiration not from Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urberville’s, but from a much more superficial 80s movie with Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith (Tess in this movie); I often joke that a Hollywood movie helped me in my self-marketing effort in a time of need."

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“I was about five, and I was taking part in a school celebration. Dressed in a traditional costume like all the other members of my “troupe”, I was waiting to recite the lines of the poem I had painstakingly learnt by heart. At last, my turn came. But when I stood behind the microphone, my mind went blank and my mouth went dry. Tears welled up in my eyes. Terrified, I glanced over at my classmates who, grouped behind the wings and dressed in their own slightly silly costumes, were waiting to act their part."

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Photo of Guide Vassia.



"There is a book I like a lot. Its final sentence reads: “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”. I was in my early twenties when I read it and my childhood had been relatively happy. But I tend to take stuff written in books very seriously. Why had the author chosen to end a book about an improbable love story with this sentence?

It was around that time that I started to travel."

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Photo of Guide Niko a.k.a. Rude.

Niko a.k.a. Rude


"It must have been at the end of middle school when I discovered graffiti, although my fascination with drawing and the arts had been with me a lot longer. My new hobby began stealing ‘precious’ time I could have used for studying for school. I realised that action had to be taken..."

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For the most part, my adult life was spent drawing lines.  Working in architecture and urban planning meant that I spent most of time observing cities from above, ground plans and master plans, orthographic projections, bird’s eye views.


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"If anything it was our best experience of our two weeks in Greece. Away from the crowds immersed in a variety of cultures and so many different aspects of Athens. Vassia’s knowledge, teaching and communication skills ... we could have walked all day! This is one tour you shouldn't miss!’"


"A perfect day. Alternative Athens is very fortunate to have such gifted guides!"

taiter – Orkney

"I just got back from Athens and I must say that the authentic home cooked meal at Korina's was excellent..after a long day of work Korina came home and cooked our meal including entree,wine and lamb..if you ever have a chance to try this you must, you won't be disappointed."