Wine and Meze Tasting

Meet the great wines of Greece in the company of an expert guide


2 hours


Mon-Sun, 17 p.m




€80per person

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Greece has been making wine for thousands of years – it’s an intrinsic part of the culture. But with so many good wines, it really helps to have an expert invite you over to try the good stuff and match it with the food flavors that work best.

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  • A chance to try a selection of the better Greek reds and whites, as well as a local dessert wine
  • Food-pairing that shows you what goes best with each variety and lets you try local nibbles at the same time
  • A relaxed wine-tasting environment that features the wine, not the venue
  • Full background information on the wines, the wineries and the vintages, as well as on the food

What you can expect

For this wine-tasting, you’re invited to the home of a Greek wine expert and blogger, where you will sample two whites, two reds and a dessert wine, all of which are 100% local – not just grown locally, but featuring local grape varieties as well. Of course, there’s more to wine than just the taste; your host will explain the history of Greek wine-making and the parallel evolution, from a wide range of influences, of Greek gastronomy.

You’ll be served food with each of the wines – what you’ll eat as you drink has been chosen based on the wine it goes with and because it’s tasty. The food, like the wine, is representing Greek flavors, and we’ve picked it with this in mind. During the tasting, you’ll discover more about the regions that produce each of the wines and the mezes, what makes each of these areas unique (both in terms of oenology and gastronomy) and about the PDOs that have been awarded to both wines and food in Greece.

Wine, food, a warm welcome and a lively discussion of the merits of each region – you couldn’t get more Greek!

The two whites are:

  • A Vidiano, a Cretan variety, not extensively planted; it comes with a small dakos, or rye rusk, a kind of little Cretan pizza, topped (as is usual on the island) with ksinomizithra, a soft white cheese;
  • A Malagousia, a variety that almost went extinct before they brought it back at the end of the 20th century; it comes with either a spanakopita (spinach and cheese pie) OR a salad of fresh greens and manouri, a semi-soft white cheese, topped with Greek balsamic vinegar

The two reds are:

  • An Agiorgitiko, a grape that’s originally from the Nemea region but is now being grown in other places, too; with this, you’ll get either siglino (smoked pork) from Mani on homemade bread with sweet mustard OR sausage with orange and sun-dried tomato tapenade;
  • A Kotsifali-Mandilari blend, two grape varieties that are both from Crete; this comes with a little dakos, too, this time topped with Cretan Gruyere-type cheese, walnuts and fig chutney

The dessert wine is:

  • A sweet Samos wine, made from Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains, a grape that was grown in ancient Greece and brought to France when the ancient Greeks founded Marseille ; this comes with baklava OR semolina halva OR pasteli, a honey-sesame brittle.

Practical info

2 hours
Mon-Sun, 17 p.m
Group size
Up to 12 people


Adult: 80 €


What's included

  • Food & Wine Expert
  • Tastings and wines as described

Not included

  • Transportation


  • This activity takes place in the center of Athens, in the neighborhood of Pangrati. Detailed meeting instructions will be sent to you upon booking
  • The minimum age to participate in this activity is 18 years old. Children accompanied by their parents are welcome to join at an additional supplement for the tastings.
  • This activity does not operate on January 1st, December 25th & 26th, Easter Sunday.
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You'll love:

Discovering local grape varieties and their perfect food pairings.

Wine and Meze Tasting
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"Christina took us to places one would just walk by and never know they were there. It is a great tour to see some of the unique details of Athens. Well worth the time and the cost is very reasonable."


"We learned a lot about Athens life and Greek history while enjoying some delicious drinks. Antonis takes you to places that you would only know about from a local. We can not recommend it enough!!"

Bryan M

"We learned about the area, history of LGBTin Athens, local hot spots, and much more. At the end of the night it was like we were locals and apart of her circle of friends. A MUST in Athens if you are LGBTQI."

Ady S