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Athens Private Tours

We help you make the most of your holiday budget and time.

Pittaki Street at night

A bit about our tailor-made tours

We personally look after each and every one of our guests to offer them unprecedented insider experiences - opening doors others simply can’t.
Tell us about your interests and personal preferences and we’ll be happy to create a customized private tour, based on your budget and time in Athens.

Why choose us? Because we love to get creative, we know the city inside out and can put together a schedule unlike any other tour company in Athens. In addition to your Athens’ tailor made tour, we’ll be happy to offer complimentary advice about the best local eateries, trendy bars, cafes and other interesting sites. This way you’ll be able to maximize the rest of your time as an individual traveler in the fascinating city of Athens.

Private Tours

  • A fully customised experience with unparalleled flexibility: Our Athens guided private tours put you in charge: you can have the tour focus on a particular aspect or area that interests you most, or you can leave out sights you've already visited on an earlier trip: the possibilities are endless.
  • Your own personal guide: your private guide is there for you, your friends and family, and no one else: you'll have his full, personalized attention at all times. Choosing a private tour means you can ask the questions you want, and concentrate on the topics you find interesting.
  • Ideal for families with kids or senior travellers: children do not always have the same attention span as adults, and seniors can prefer a tour at their own pace: our private tours offer can be tailored to accommodate any need.
  • A more relaxed experience: With our private tours of Athens, you'll never have to worry about keeping up with the rest of the group, or feeling delayed by slower group members. You won't feel rushed to the next stop before you’ve had a chance to really enjoy that incredible sight.

All our tours are available for private groups and individuals, at a time that best fits your schedule. Please contact us as early as possible to ensure availability and be prepared to be swept away by one of the world's top destinations - Athens.


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