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Alternative_Athens Neighborhood Walk

A captivating walking tour of Athens

The Ancient, the Classical and the Modern coexist

A bit about Greek history

In the streets of Athens lies the true spirit of a mythical city. With a recorded history that spans over 3.400 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. The cradle of Western civilisation and birthplace of democracy has evolved into the sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis it is today through radical and often frantic and impetuous changes. Discover a multifaceted, multilayered city which has the magical ability to surprise and enchant you around every street corner.

What we offer

Join this one-of-a-kind discovery tour off the beaten path and understand how Athens has evolved to what it is today: A city in layers, where the ancient, the Ottoman, the neoclassical and the modern cities coexist.

During our walking tour, you will experience how Athens –a small town of 10.000 citizens in the early 1830s- transformed into the capital of the new Greek State in 1834. You will visit some landmark buildings that were pivotal to planning a European contemporary capital from scratch after centuries of Oriental influence.

Our Athens Walking Tour's Route

Our steps will take you to neighbourhoods where the footprint of the Ottoman Empire is still present, to understand how the old city and its traditions mixed – or didn’t– with western European values and ideas.

As our alternative walking tour of Athens continues, you’ll grasp a true sense of orientation in the city and start making sense out of the apparent chaos of modern day Athens and its people. Behind the, sometimes disconcerting, great contrasts, you’ll discover the missing link between the glorious ancient past and the frantic, modern present.

Still, the mythical, ancient city is omnipresent. Sometimes you'll see it and sometimes you won't, but you'll always be feeling it, stepping on ancient streets, crossing its 2.500 years old walls, descending underground to an old river that keeps flowing since the early days of the city, and walking along sacred tombs revealed only recently.

At the end of this walking tour of Athens, you won't be seeing the city as a tourist anymore, but as it truly is: a complex, multilayered and fascinating city that few visitors get to experience in just a few hours.

Athens' Gas Factory dates from 1857

Highlights of our Athens walking tour itinerary include:

  • Streets that connect or divide the past and the present
  • 19th century landmarks of the industrial revolution and royal palaces
  • Bustling modern markets
  • Ancient rivers still flowing, tombs of a foregone era and city walls that are forever lost
  • Landmark buildings of international architectural interest
  • Preserved ottoman neighborhoods
  • Notorious prisons of World War II (closed Mon & Tue)

Walking pace:Easy
Languages:English, French
Starting time: 09.30 am daily
Max. group size: 12 persons
Price:45 € per person
Children under 12: Free
Children 12-18: 36 € per child


Please note that some sights are only open during the morning visit (prison, market) as they close in the early afternoon.

What's included:
• English / French speaking guide
• City map highlighting the transformations of the city through 2.500 years

Not included:
• Food or drinks
• Gratuities (optional)

The Academia, a neoclassical landmark

"I just returned from a trip to Greece and must say, this was the best walking tour I have ever experienced. Tina made the history of Athens come alive in almost 4 hours of walking through the streets of Athens in a very specific way."

-TravlinYogi, USA


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